Locked yourself out or lost your keys?

Locked out?

As soon as you notice that you have locked yourself out, please contact us so we can help you out. It is important that you give us information about how, where and when you might have lost the key. 
If a Residence Assistant, the Housing Foundation Inspector, or a receptionist is available on site at your residence, they may be able to help you get back into your accommodation. Some dorms have night-time services on site that can let you into your room. Please note: If you request help between 16:00 – 08:00, a fee of DKK 300 will apply.  You can find the contact information for your RA and Inspector on our page for your accommodation.  
In some cases we might have to change the locks or replace the keys due to safety, this procedure will be at your expense. 

Lost keys?

If you lose your keys please contact us directly during office hours. Outside office hours we recommend that you find alternative housing for the weekend (this will be at your own expense). If a replacement is needed, you will be charged a fee and will also have to pay the exact invoice charge for change of locks, including a new set of keys/chips.

Do not call a locksmith yourself. 
It is only in case of an emergency you should change the lock by yourself (eg. life supporting medicine). 
Calling a locksmith yourself will result in two lock changes, because many of our key systems are specialized. This means that the locksmith will change the lock to a wrong generic system, and then the Housing Foundation will have to call our locksmith to change the lock again to the correct specialised system. If you call the locksmith it will be at your own expense. The price will be calculated by the locksmith and not by us. Please have in mind that the second lock change will be charged to your account by The Housing Foundation. 

Note; the information above does not apply to tenants at Nordisk Kollegium, Signalhuset Kollegium, Sølvgade(BaseCamp) and Tietgen Kollegiet. If you live there, contact the Administration Office at your residence. You can find contact information regarding your Administration Office on our page for your accommodation.  

Water damage/practical emergencies

For urgent plumbing or other practical emergencies, please call the number for your residence in the list below. Please only call these numbers if the situation requires immediate attention. Misusing emergency services can result in a fine. 

In life-threatening emergencies always call (+45) 112 and ask for the police, fire department or ambulance service.