Your stay

Cleaning Plan

It is your responsibility to keep your room and any shared facilities clean and tidy. Remember that you must buy your own cleaning supplies. We suggest you set up a meeting with everyone who shares facilities with you at your residence in the beginning of the semester, in order to set up a cleaning schedule.

We recommend you to use our Cleaning plan for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning.

How to get rid of calcium
Please follow our step-by-step guide: How to get rid of calcium. You will need the following material: White vinegar (lager eddike), Baking powder and a lemon.

How to clean the drain
Please follow our step-by-step guide: How to clean the shower drain. You will need the following materials: gloves, garbage bag and a Philips screwdriver. Also be aware of How to address to odor and blocked drain.

How to get with of stains
Please follow our step-by-step guide: How to get rid of stains. You will need the following materials: White vinegar (lager eddike), dishwashing soap, baking powder, Microfiber cloths, a non-scratching sponge.


You are responsible for your room during your stay. If you experience any problems, you can contact the inspector of Housing Foundation. 

His contact information is found on our accommodation descriptions.   
Pets caused uncleaned residence.

Be aware of any kind of pests! You must immediately report to Housing Foundation for further help if they are found. We take situations like this very seriously and professional help will be provided.


An unclean residence can develop into a serious health hazard. Pests come about because of lack of hygiene, leftovers in the garbage, etc. In seldom cases, you can be charged for the pests if the cause is traced back to you.


Damage and Repair

Please note if there are scheduled repairs and the issue still persists you must inform us immediately. Please do not wait days or weeks. We believe that issues are solved once a repair is scheduled unless someone notifies us to the contrary. We have a significant amount of housing so we would have no other way of knowing without your report.


We have collected a list of typical damages and how to avoid them here in our Damage guideline. 




General House rules 


All accommodations have their own specific house rules and together with this document, they relate to your rental contract. We expect that all tenants follow the general house rules, as well as any specific ones related to their accommodation.

Please go through our General house rules. The specific house rules for each dorm can be found on our homepage under the housing options section.

The residents are obligated to keep themselves informed of any updates to the house rules. In case of dispute, the most recent rules will apply. Updates will be posted on the Housing Foundation website or otherwise communicated by email.



Storage Rooms

If you have made a booking at Dyrlægevej, Rebslagervej or Vendsysselvej you have access to a storage room. There are no storage rooms at the other accommodations.

The storage room is included in the rental contract and covered by your rent. That means you are responsible for emptying and cleaning the storage room when moving out. You receive a separate key for the storage room with the same number as your room. All of your keys must be returned to the Housing Foundation when you move out. 


Please check here for the detailed instruction on the website of Copenhagen municipality. 


We also provide some general information on how to recycle.

Mail and packages

When sending or receiving mail and packages, always make sure that they are sent to your own address mentioned in your contract.  You can find your exact address in the beginning of the rental contract. Your letters and packages must, under no circumstances be delivered to Housing Foundation Copenhagen’s office for later collection (Njalsgade 76, 4 B-0-34, DK-2300  København S).

Likewise, it is also not allowed to send your luggage etc. to Housing Foundation Copenhagen for collection e.g. along with collection of key.
Violation of the above will result in a fee for receipt, storage and delivery of DKK 100 per day per unit, minimum DKK 400.
We reserve the right to destroy packages and letters after one week if they have not been picked up at that time. Luggage etc. will be submitted to the lost property office after one week. 

Information regarding sending and receiving mail  with the public mail company Postnord can be found here: 

Similarly, many private providers such as UPS, DHL etc. have their own mailboxes or partner locations where you can collect packages.

Housing benefit ("Boligstøtte")

Some international tenants (students only) can apply for governmental housing subsidy via ‘Udbetaling Danmark’, which is a government office. Each application is processed and evaluated individually by ‘Udbetaling Danmark’. Check if your residence permit allows you to receive subsidies by contacting the Danish Immigration Service. Please have in mind that it is only possible for European Citizens to apply for housing benefit. 
Students who receive scholarships, grants, or re-imbursements may not be eligible for the the housing benefit.

You can  find more information and apply for housing subsidy here.

And you can find information about the practical matters of moving to Denmark here.

The Housing Foundation Copenhagen cannot assist you in your application.

Please find more information about eligibility and application on using you ‘NemID’ and your CPR number.

You must meet the following criteria to receive housing benefit:

  • You live in a ‘studio room’ (or own apartment) with private kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom.  Thus, if you live in a shared apartment or a studio room in a hall of residence with shared kitchen and/or bathroom, you cannot apply.
  • Your rental contract lasts for more than 6 months. If you apply for housing subsidy and state that you are renting for more than 6 months and it turns out not to be true, or if you shorten or terminate your tenancy contract, you will be required to pay the entire subsidy back to the Danish government.
  • You inform ‘Udbetaling Danmark’ when you move (or in most cases, leave the country). They do not automatically know that your contract has ended.
  • Any applicant must apply via the online application system. You log onto this system at using ‘NemID’. You cannot get a ‘NemID’ without having a CPR number, so you need to have that in order to apply.

Rent increase:

In event of a rent increase you will be sent a warning email 3 months earlier and you are required to send this email to Udbetaling Danmark as documentation along with the Rental agreement.