List of fees

List of fees

Please take a look at and familiarize yourself with our list of fees to avoid any unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings. 

By renting with us, you accept The Housing Foundation Copenhagen’s current service costs and fees.
The list of fees is evaluated and updated once a year in November (typically 20th November), and price changes are effective immediately.

Moving fee1 DKK 700 per hour (appr. DKK 2500 in total)

Early Cancellation fee11 DKK 2000

Withdrawal fee12 DKK 3000

Shortening of Contract  DKK 2500

Replacing lost keys/chips/hotspot DKK 500 administration fee8 + the exact invoice charge for each item and/or lock change.

Compulsory Change of Locks (depends on lock system, payment for new lock & elapsed time)7 DKK 2000-5000

Mishandling of keys13 DKK 300 

Late move out fee( late key return): DKK 700 per hour for administration and inspection costs & possibly 1 months rent

Extra move out inspection (e.g. for late move out): DKK 1182 

Replacing a lost or broken laundry card DKK 250

Wrong sorting/disposal of garbage8: DKK 250

Reception of a payment via bank transfer3 DKK 250

Repaying the deposit via bank transfer to a Danish account4 DKK 150

Repaying the deposit via bank transfer to a foreign account4 DKK 250

Transferring via Mobile Pay DKK 25

Difficulties Regarding Bank Transfers5 DKK 500,

Late Payment Reminder6 DKK 270

Mandatory fees at Signalhuset, Øresunds, Tietgen:

  • Administration and Handling:9 6750 DKK once per semester    

Other mandatory fees at Øresund and Signalhuset:

  • Furniture Services:10 DKK 250 per person per month
  1. Paid for actual administrative time used for rearrangement. This rule applies if you move from a nonsocial housing dorm to a nonsocial housing dorm. 
  2. After move-out or during stay
  3. When you pay via bank transfer
  4. See the details in the Booking Manual
  5. Administration of manual handling of bank transfers
  6. If you have not made sufficient payment within the due date. If you miss a payment deadline, we will charge a Late Payment Reminder Fee continuously every 14 days until your payment is received.
  7. If your lock has to be changed
  8. Per hour
  9. Administration and Handling: One-time cost applied to the beginning of each semester. Since these dorms are classified as social housing by the authorities, we may not charge for administration and handling procedures as part of the overall rent, as we usually do. Therefore we must make a separate charge for these services. If you move to Signalhuset, Tietgen, or Øresunds, you do not pay a moving fee, but instead need to pay the Administration and Handling fee. Each time you move to these specific residences, another Administration and Handling fee will be applied. If you move within the same dormitory, you do not need to pay an extra Administration and Handling fee.  
  10. Furniture Services: In Denmark, dormitory rooms are usually not furnished, so the Housing Foundation provides furniture for all the rooms it rents out. However, as these four dormitories are classified as social housing by the authorities, this means we may not charge for furnishing the room as part of the overall rent, as we usually do. Therefore we must make a separate charge for costs relating to buying, placing, and maintaining furniture in these dorms. 
  11. Applies if you cancel before the tenancy start date, but more than 14 days after booking OR if you have made a room swap and have not uploaded your contract within the 3 days
  12. Applies if you cancel a room with an immediate tenancy start date or in the first month of renting (without moving in)
  13. (If you require personnel to open your room door between 16:00-08:00. The fee is applied for each subsequent occurrence, irrespective of hours.) Letting you in is not a general service we provide so you should not expect (nor rely on) the housing staff and RAs to be available at all times