Issues with the payment system

Invalid request fault

Some of our tenants experience problems with the online payment and get a “Invalid request” when entering the payment step in your ocean flow. 
To solve this issue please click through the following steps in the flow: 

 – Payment -> Make a payment -> Account Status  (select this step first before a new payment to create a new id ) -> Make a payment -> Online payment – click here for e-mail receipt. 

Other payment issues

It has been brought to our attention that some tenants are experiencing problems when paying with credit cards in the online payment system.

Our transaction provider, QuickPay, have informed us that the problem is due to the credit card not being registered with a 3D security-system for international transactions. We therefore recommend contacting your bank to see if your credit card is 3D secured with the so called Strong customer authentication”.

If you pay with a Mastercard or Visa card  you can try to make a security update it in the links below: 

Visa card

Master Card 

If you are experiencing problems with your credit card in the online payment system, we recommend making a bank transfer as soon as possible, since it can take 10 days to be registered in our bank. If you make a bank transfer, please send the payment receipt in an email to our Finance Department at, then we can ensure that your contract is not cancelled.

You can find the necessary information for making bank transfers here.