Please be aware that from 24th June 2024 a fee of 175 DKK will be implemented each time you make a payment. This applies for all types of payments. Further information can be found here.

First Payment & Deposit

Your first payment is very important for securing your booking. Please ensure the following:

You must pay the deposit + 3 months’ rent by the deadline otherwise your booking will be cancelled. You must pay the deposit + 3 months’ rent within 14 days of making the booking—and no later than the first day of your contractual tenancy.  If your contract start date begins today, you have to pay today. The deposit is DKK 8000, unless otherwise stated in your rental agreement.

  • If you live in Tietgen kollegiet, Signalhuset kollegium or Øresundskollegiet you also need to pay the Administration and Handling fee within 14 days after the booking is made. Read more about the costs associated with these dorms .
  • If you booked Signalhuset and Øresundskollegiet you will also pay a service fee. 
    Read more about the costs associated with these dorms .

Your first payment must cover or exceed the deposit
In order for us to refund your deposit to your credit card, when your contract ends, without charging any fees, please make sure you still make your initial/ first payment via credit card online in the booking system, and please ensure that this initial payment covers the deposit as a minimum.  You can read about the deposit return here.


You pay a security deposit of DKK 8000, unless otherwise stated in your rental agreement.

The deposit will be used to cover any repairs due to damage caused by you (in your room or in the common areas), replacement of keys/locks, post-departure cleaning or other things that might have to be fixed at your expense. In other words: if the room is left in an unsatisfactory condition at the end of the semester, the deposit (or part of it) will not be returned to you. If, during your stay, you cause damages or repairs for more than DKK 1500, the Housing Foundation can ask you to pay an additional amount in deposit.

If you take good care of your room and the common facilities in your residence, the deposit will be returned to you within 8 weeks after your tenancy has ended.

Your booking is complete when your first payment and contracts are in order. Your booking is complete when you have payed your first instalment (deposit + three months of rent) and your contracts have been uploaded and approved by the Housing Foundation. You will receive a payment receipt by email when you have made your payment and you will receive an email when your contracts have been approved.  When you have received these emails, your booking is completed and you can pick up your keys.

Payment schedule

Our payment system is based on some simple principles that help you to manage your payments in time for your payment deadlines:

Rent is paid quarterly. With very few exceptions, rent is paid in three-month instalments—and not monthly. You will always be able to see if your rent is payed quarterly (in Danish: kvartal) or monthly in your rental contract.

You can always find your payment schedule in your housing account. Go to Payment – Account Status, then scroll down to the Account Data section and Press the button called Lookup. 

We send payment-reminder emails. Approximately 14 days before a payment deadline, you will receive a service message from the Finance and Accounts department of the Housing Foundation. This service message reminds you that you have an upcoming payment.

Paying too late causes a fine.
Paying after a deadline will result in a late payment reminder fee. If you miss a payment deadline you will receive a late payment fee after 7 days. If you do not complete the payment within 10 days of receiving the late payment fee, your case will be sent to our lawyer and debt collector. Seeing as it is your responsibility to make the payment in time, all expenses related to the lawyer will be paid by you. The overdue rent, late payment fee and lawyer fee must be paid directly to the lawyer.