How can I get invited?


We systematically invite eligible new tenants to our online booking system three times a year—these events are called ‘booking rounds’. The invitations are sent by e-mail and contains a link that gives access to our booking system. We invite tenants for a spring, summer, or fall booking round.

The Spring booking round The Summer booking round The Fall booking round
Booking round for The Spring semester (renting from January/February until July/August) Booking round for the summer students renting in July and/or August only Booking round for the Fall semester renting from July/August/September until end of January)
Will be invited in mid to late November Will be invited mid to late May Will be invited mid to late June

Precise dates for the spring and fall invitations will be advertised on the front page ahead of time. Access outside the booking rounds: If you want to be invited to our booking system outside the booking rounds (e.g. in the middle of a semester), please contact the Housing Foundation directly via email. Then we can evaluate your case individually.

The booking round Fall 2021

The dates for the Fall booking round 2021 will be announced in the Spring of 2021. Please read the booking manual before entering our booking system.


This is the procedure for being invited:

Students Summer students Staff (incl. PhD students & Erasmus Trainees)
1. Sign up:
- a) KU Exchange students: Overseas exchange, Erasmus, Nordplus, Fulbright, non-EU/EEA fee-paying guest students, and Danish Government Scholars: Did you tick-off the housing option in your university online application? Check your admission letter: If it says that you will receive an invitation from the Housing Foundation, read on from step 2 below. If you have not yet received an admission letter, email

- b) European fee-paying guest students: Did you tick-off the housing option in your university online application? If yes, read on from step 2 below. If in doubt email

- c) Full Degree students from all faculties must contact their international coordinators.

2. If you are eligible, then prepare for the booking round by reading about our booking rules in our Booking Manual and checking our website for suitable housing options.

3. On the day of the booking round, wait for the email invitation from the Housing Foundation.

4. Receive the email invitation and get access to the booking system. Then you can see all vacant housing options and will be able to book an accommodation.
1. Sign up for summer accommodation in the link for summer housing before the deadline.

2. Prepare for the booking round by reading about booking rules in our Booking Manual and checking our website for suitable housing options.

3. On the day of the booking round, wait for the email invitation from the Housing Foundation.

4. Receive the email invitation and get access to the booking system. Then you can see all vacant housing options and will be able to book an accommodation.

Read more about our summer student options and sign up for summer accommodation below.
1. Sign up:
- a) University employees: Send us documentation confirming your position (e.g. admission letter, employment contract, statement from your KU supervisor). The document must mention the period of your stay and your full name:

- b) Erasmus Trainees: At least one month before your internship begins, send a fully signed Learning Agreement to .
2. Your case will be evaluated and if you are eligible for housing we will send you an invitation to our booking system by email. If your period of stay is close to the booking round, you will be invited at the start of the booking round.

3. Receive the email invitation and get access to the booking system. Then you can see all vacant housing options and will be able to book an accommodation.

Financial-need application

If you are a student (but not staff member) in severe financial need, you can apply for financial-aid rooms. These rooms are more affordable than is common in the Copenhagen area. Rooms reserved for financial-need students are often located outside inner-city Copenhagen and are usually shared with a roommate of the same gender.

Only students who come from countries with substantially lower costs of living and who present a compelling case will be considered. Note that rent being lower in your home country or you working a part-time job are not accepted as valid reasons for an application.

You will have to present documentation supporting your financial need. Documentation where the information is not easily decipherable or not in English will not be accepted. We cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted.

If you want to apply for financial-aid rooms, please see details in the Booking Manual. Note that you have to apply within the first week of the latest booking round.

Disability application

If you have a disability, you can apply for a disability-friendly room. It is a good idea to contact the Housing Foundation via email well in advance so that we can ensure that we have reserved enough rooms.

The Housing Foundation reserves disability-friendly rooms at Bispebjerg KollegiumDyrlægevej kollegium  and Rebslagervej kollegium. The cost is approximately between  DKK 6000-11000 (including utilities, furniture, etc.). If you need special equipment, it is up to you to purchase and install it. You must remove the equipment and bring the room back to its original appearance prior to departure. The Housing Foundation is unfortunately not usually able to offer housing for personal assistants.

There are relatively few of these rooms and therefore we cannot guarantee that there are any suitable vacancies. We evaluate each application case by case, and only disabilities which directly impair your access to housing (e.g. wheelchair usage, unable to climb stairs, etc.) are accepted as valid reasons for an application. You can see the steps for applying for a disability-friendly room in the Booking Manual.

Accommodation for summer students

We offer accommodation for students attending summer courses at the University of Copenhagen in the months of July and August.

Rental periods

Summer students can only rent a room/apartment for a minimum of 1 month and up to a maximum of 2 months. The booking system can be set to search within the following rental periods:

– July 1st – July 31st
– July 15th – August 14th
– July 1st – August 31st
– August 1st – August 31st

Different rooms are available from different dates. Rooms in your preferred residence might not be available for your preferred rental period. Therefore, when making a booking, please pay careful attention to the displayed contract start dates. Contract start dates are based on when the room/apartment is physically available, not when you prefer. We cannot modify contract dates to suit your personal travel/study dates.

All summer students must move out by 10 am, 4 days before the end of their contract. When planning your stay, please take this inspection period into account. For example, if your contract ends August 14th, your move-out deadline is August 10th at 10 am. Please be careful to book for a period that covers your entire stay, taking this 4-day period into account.

Changing your contract dates

Once you have signed a contract, you cannot shorten your contract as a summer student.

However, if you decide to stay longer, you can opt to extend to the end of the summer period, provided that no one has booked your room after your original end date. The latest date you can extend to is 31st August, which is the end of our summer booking period.

Types of accommodation

Summer students can choose from most or our student Housing Options. However, they cannot rent rooms in Bikuben Kollegiet, Tietgenkollegiet, Signalhuset or Øresundskollegiet, as these halls of residence do not offer short-term rentals.

Many dorms will be somewhat empty in the summer, due to many spring semester students departing around then. Fall semester students generally start arriving in August or September.

Once you have identified a suitable housing option on our website, you can check if it appears in the available options on our booking system. We cannot guarantee that the booking system will offer a room matching your exact desired dates or will offer your preferred accommodation option. We recommend that you have several alternative housing options in mind before entering the booking system.

Living with your peers

Students attending the same summer course often wish to live in the same building. However, we are unable to reserve rooms for groups. That is why we recommend that students, who wish to live with their peers, simply book rooms in the same residence. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific number of vacant rooms in the same residences. The chances of finding accommodation together as a group are highest in these dorms, where we have the most rooms:

If you also plan to study in the fall

Your fall admission and your summer admission are two separate processes with regard to the booking system. This means that if you are invited for the summer period, you cannot use your summer user ID for booking in the fall semester or extending your contract after summer. If you are eligible for housing in the fall, you will receive an entirely new ID, and you will need to start the booking process afresh, which includes booking another accommodation and making a deposit payment again. 

Your eligibility for fall housing is contingent on you fulfilling our criteria, and is dependent on your faculty deeming you eligible for attending KU beyond the summer. If you believe you are eligible for fall housing and have signed up for summer housing, then please contact the Housing Foundation so we can amend any errors. Failing to do so could result in you not being invited to the booking system for the fall. 

Sign up

The summer booking round 2021 for summer students is closed. 
The deadline for applying was May 20th 2021. If you are a summer student and still need housing please send us an email with a document proving the period of your stay.