How does the booking system work?

Once you have been invited to our online booking system you can see our available accommodations, and book the one most suitable for you. 

No viewing of rooms
It is not possible to see the rooms before booking or moving in. Therefore, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the different housing options from our website. 

No animals allowed
We do not allow any kind of animals in any of our accommodations.

No special requests or reservations for specific housing options
We do not make any reservations for anyone and treat everyone fairly.

Our booking system is competitive.
Like most online booking systems, our system operates on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. Thus, the attractive housing options are booked quickly, which is why it is a good idea to identify your preferred housing options on our website.

Our capacity is limited.
Three times a year we systematically invite a large number of new users to our system in a process called the ‘Booking Round’. This is when most of our available accommodations are booked. We are typically able to rent out rooms to approximately half of all primary users arriving in the autumn semester and most of the users arriving in the spring semester. We usually have available housing for all incoming summer students renting only in July and August.

Reading the Booking Manual is mandatory.
Details about how to enter the booking system and make a booking are described in our Booking Manual. It is mandatory to read the manual before completing a booking. When making a booking and when signing a rental contract you confirm that you have read and understood the Booking Manual and that you have read our website.

Always use your Tenant ID
When you get your invitation e-mail it gives you access to our booking system, and you will get your tenant ID.  Your tenant ID is a unique five-digit identifier number that allows us to look up your booking quickly and easily. You must use it in all your transactions and communications with us when you call or e-mail us. 

7-days move out before your contract ends
According to the rental contract paragraph 11, tenants must vacate their rooms and return the keys by 12 noon 7 days prior to the last day of your contract. The move out date is non-negotiable.
The reason why you have to move out 7-days before your contracts ends is because we need to prepare the accommodation before the next tenant moves in.
This applies even if the move-out date falls on a Saturday or Sunday or on a holiday – our inspection crew works all week.
You can read more details in the departure section

8 steps for making a successful booking