The Booking Manual

If you are eligible for our services, you will receive an invitation to our booking system by email. 

Before you can enter the booking system and make any bookings with us, you must read the Booking Manual. This is a requirement for making a booking and renting housing from us.

When you sign a rental contract with us, you confirm that you have read and understood the Booking Manual.

Therefore it is very important to read the Booking Manual carefully before making any booking.

The Booking Manual contains all our rules and conditions, but also provides guidelines on how to make bookings and how to navigate our booking system.

Questions? Often you will find answers to any booking-related questions in the Booking Manual, so please consult it before calling or emailing us.

Booking Manuals for tenants invited for Spring 2021

(For tenants invited in November  2020) 

Booking Manuals for tenants invited for Fall 2020

(For tenants invited in June 2020)

Booking Manuals for tenants invited for Spring 2020

(For tenants invited on or after 14th November 2019.)