How can I extend or shorten my contract?


If you have been admitted for 2 semesters but only booked for 1 semester you can extend your rental period in the booking system and book for another semester.

If you have only been invited for 1 semester you must email us documentation of your extended admittance before we can change your admittance status in the booking system. 

If you have already made a booking for 2 semesters it is not possible to make an extension, but if we have available rooms we might be able to invite you again to our booking system again. 

Extending your rental period in the booking system:

Go to the ‘rental period configuration’ in the booking system and change the ‘Choice of housing dates’ to two semesters. Remember to click save and next.

Find more information about extensions in our Booking Manual here.

NB: Students from RMC and ITU cannot make extensions or shortening offers. If you have booked a room in Øresundskollegiet, Tietgen kollegiet or Bikuben it is also not possible to shorten your contract. 

Shortening for students:

Students cannot terminate their contracts early, but they can make a shortening offer. If you make a shortening offer, your room will be placed back on the room availability page so another student have the option of booking it. Your contract will only be shortened if another student books your room. 

If your room is not booked you are still legally responsible for paying rent for the entire rental period stated in your contract.

There are specific rules and restrictions for making a shortening offer. Please make sure you read those in our Booking Manual under ‘Making a shortening offer’ before making any decision. 

Shortening offer for staff:

Staff members can shorten their contracts if they provide a minimum notice period of three whole months plus the current calendar month. 

Please send an email to the Housing Foundation Copenhagen if you wish to shorten your contract, and provide a desired end date which must be the last day of the month.


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