‘The Kulbane dormitory’—literally ‘The Coal Train dormitory’

Price range:
C. DKK XXX/month (paid quarterly). Precise rates are provided in the online booking system.

8000 DKK (to be paid with first rental instalment)

Type and size of accommodation:
Large student dormitory, X floors, c. XXX studio flats

Available room types:

Room types
Shared rooms (A and B)
2-person room
EXAMPLE ONLY, FIX LATER: Studio rooms, c. 22 square meters, with private kitchenette (two hotplates, small fridge) and bathroom; also shared larger kitchen on each floor.
Family apartments

Danish house mates:

Distance to university locations:

Campus / Faculty
Method of transport & transport time
Søndre Campus
X mins on foot
City Campus
X mins by bike
X mins by public transport
X mins by bike
X mins by public transport
Nørre Campus
X mins by bike
X mins by public transport


Local busses
Metro stations
X (c. X mins walk)
S-train stations
Walk to city centre
c. X mins
Cycle to city centre
c. X mins

Map and address:
Amagerfælledvej 50A · 2300 Copenhagen S

Important info:
Students cannot make a shortening offer for this residence. The rental period is always two full semesters. Student tenants are bound by the contractually agreed rental dates and cannot exit the rental contract early. This is because the dorm wishes to host long-term tenants only.

This dorm is considered a form of social housing, so according to Danish law you must sign a formal contract with the dorm as well as us. However, only your contract with us regulates rent, keys, access, etc.

About the dorm


About the area

Things to do


Important info


It is mandatory to participate in the weekly common cleaning of kitchens at Kulbane. Active participation in the dorm’s community is expected.

Furniture and inventory

Please note: We never provide bedlinen, duvets, or pillows. Please bring or buy what you require. We also do not provide kitchen items (e.g. pots, pans, plates, etc.), however you will often find that previous tenants have left kitchen items for you to use. Therefore it is often worth moving in first and checking this before buying kitchen items.


You pay for XX as part of your rental payments. For precise rates, please see your rental contract.


An internet connection XX

Media license

By Danish law, everyone who has an internet connection must pay media license. This expense is not included in your rent. For further information please refer to DR


Laundry facilities XX.

House Rules & Residence Handbook

Please read the House Rules and Residence Handbook before arriving.

Building & furniture problems

For building-related problems XX

For issues taken care of by the Housing Foundation ’s (furniture, inspections), contact our inspector: Attila, phone hours Tuesdays & Thursdays 8am-10am, +45 50525096. Or email him at [email protected], enclosing a picture indicating the issue.

Lock out / Lost keys