How do I log into the booking system?

The Invitation

To login to the booking system you will need an invitation. The invitation will be sent by email to you and as soon as you have received it you can login to the booking system. 

An example of an invitation email is shownto  the right side. Press on the image and it will magnify.

The invitation email contains:

Tenant ID                                                                                                                             
Link to the booking system 

How to login to the booking system

1. Press the link 
2. A log in site called QueueIT will open
3. When you have access, sign in with the the log in details (username and password)
4. You are now good to go and ready to make your booking. 

Tenant ID

The tenant ID is a five digit number identifyer. Remember to always inform us about your Tenant ID when in contact with us. The tenant ID is written in the invitation email. 

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