Information about booking accommodation for spring 2022

We have received many questions about booking accommodation for the  Spring  2022. Below you can find answers for the most common questions and doubts about the process. 

Requesting access to the booking system

The Housing Foundation Copenhagen helps international students and staff from The University of Copenhagen to find housing. 

All our accomodations are shown in our booking system where you can also book them. To access the system it requires a so called invitation (personal login details that gives you access to the booking system). 

To get access to the booking system

First of all we will need to see some official documentation from The University of Copenhagen that proves your eligibility and the period of your stay. It can be an admissions letter, a contract or an official document from you supervisor. 

Please send us an email with your documentation attached to [email protected]

Hereafter we will evaluate your documentation and if you are found eligible for housing we will send you an email invitation (login details to the booking system). 

We do want to mention that our booking system works after first comes first serves, so you might not see free rooms of a specific dorm you might want to live in. 



Preapare yourself  carefully by:

1. Reading the booking Manual to understand our rules and procedures.
2. Familiarize yourself with our website and housing options
3. Read about how the booking  system works here
4. On the where we confirm you will get an invitation remember to check your spam filter. 

No, we do not have any special cancellation rules due to Covid-19.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you have some form of private insurance in case you have to return  to your home country due to Covid-19. 

You can find our cancellation rules in our booking manual here

Yes, we highly recommend that you get insurance before going to Denmark. The Housing Foundation does not provide you with any personal insurance.
 You have to take out personal insurance for yourself. We strongly urge you to take out a standard insurance policy that covers you and your personal belongings. At the very least, make sure you are covered by your home country insurance.
It is also a good idea to have a good travel insurance if something unexpected happens. Last year we experienced that many tenants needed to go home to their home countries due to Covid-19.  Many tenants were covered by their home insurances. 
The following points are instances where insurance may be useful to you:

  • Your bag or your bike is stolen or you experience a burglary
  • If you cause damage to other persons or items, wilfully or not, and likewise if another person causes damage.
  • If you have a bike accident resulting in a dentist bill
  • Unintentional flooding of the apartment below you and vice versa.
  • if you have to return to your home country ahead of time eg. Due to Covid-19.

This year, we have chosen not to rent out shared rooms (A+B rooms) due to Covid-19 concerns.  If you want to live with a friend or partner, you can book a 2-persons room. Please have in mind that it is mandatory to make the household application if you book a 2-persons room.  You can read more here

The invitation  will be sent to the same email address that you have used when you requested for housing. 

Your Tenant ID will be written in your invitation email together with the login details for the booking system.

The Tenant ID is a five-digit number that we use as  your personal identifiyer. We kindly ask you to inform us about your Tenand ID when you call us or when you send us an email. 

To get access to the booking system 

As soon as we have evaluated your documentation from The University of Copenhagen or other universities in or around Copenhagen then we will send you an email to tell you if you are eligible for housing. If you are a found eligible you will receive an invitation within some hours. 
NB: Remember to check your spam filter. 

Our system works on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, we can never guarantee any specific accomodations. If you do not see the desired accomodation in the system, then it is already booked. We recommend that you go into the booking system some days after the booking round, since some tenants make cancellations or new rooms might appear

Once we send the contract email to you, you have to upload the Rental Contract, Service Contract, and Declaration of Consent in your online flow within three days.

If you did a booking with an immediate start date (today), then you will have to upload and pay within 24 hours.
If you do not respect this deadline, you risk that your booking is cancelled without further notice. This might imply a cancellation fee.

You can find more information abou the rental contracts and what to pay attention to here

In this link you can find guidance on how to sign the contracts correctly.

When making your booking, you will be required to pay 8.000 DKK for deposit and 3 months of rent. Please have in mind that if you book a social housing dorm (Øresundskollegiet, Tietgen kollegiet and Signalhuset kollegiet),  you will also pay an Administration and handling fee + service fee. You can read more about the payment procedure here

You can also see our fee list here

When you enter the booking system and go to the room availability section, the system will reserve the cheapest room for 30 minutes. Due to high traffic in the page it can happen that you will not be able to see any rooms. Therefore, we will recommend you to go into the system again later and refresh the page.  It is also a good idea to log in to the booking system the days after the booking round since some  tenants might cancel their booking and new rooms might show up.

When you login to the booking system you must fill in your personal detials and your address. The address we refer to is your home address in your home country. 

You are allowed to book all the rooms you see in the room availability section in the booking system. 

What to be aware of before arriving to Denmark

Please be aware that it is mandatory to register your address in Denmark with the relevant authorities. Your CPR-registration has to be done on the exact address of your accommodation. You can find more information about CPR registration here

According to paragraph 11 in your rental contract, the lease begins on the date stated in paragraph 2. If your rental start date falls on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a holiday, you can only pick up keys on the following working day, because we are closed on weekends and holidays. We kindly remind you also to take our opening hours into account.

You can collect the keys any time on or after the first day of your lease. Have in mind that we only hand out keys within the office opening hours.  However, you can only move in to your residence after 12 noon on the first day of your lease, regardless of whether you have picked up your keys before 12 noon. 

You receive an automatic email confirmation when we hand out the keys to you (or an authorized contact person).

You can find information about where to pick up your keys here

If you have made a booking with an immediate start date, you must contact us the same day and explicitly inform us that you wish to cancel the booking.

You can read more about immediate bookings, and what to keep in mind, in the booking manual

When you make a booking that starts in more than 14-days, you have a ‘cooling off’ period (of 14-days) where you can terminate your booking.

If the booking starts within 14-days, the cooling off period lasts until the rental period begins. 

You can find more information about cancellations in the booking manual under ‘cancellation of booking’.

It is not possible to cancel your booking after the rental period has begun, even if you have not moved in yet. 

Students who wish to cancel their booking can instead make a shortening offer, however there is no guarantee that it will be accepted. You can read more about shortening offers in our booking manual under ‘Making a shortening offer’.

Staff members who wish to shorten their contracts can do so if they give the proper notice of 3 months + the running calendar month. You can read more about shortening your contract in the booking manual under ‘shortening’. 

The Covid-19 regulations regarding travel are regularly changing, and often depend on where you are travelling from. We therefore ask that you refer to the Danish Health Authorities and Government’s webpages for direct information regarding your situation.

Here you can find general information about the Corona-situation in Denmark.

Here you can find information about travelling to Denmark during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here you can find specific information regarding test and isolation requirements.

If you have further questions about the Covid-19 regulations in Denmark, you can always call the Danish Authorities’ Corona hotline at +45 7020 0233, and read more here.

We always recommend our tenants to take out insurance before their stay abroad, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is our experience that insurance has been helpful for previous tenants.

Do you have other questions ? Then check our new Q&A system here