Signing and uploading contracts

Deadline for uploading the contracts

Soon after you receive your contracts, you need to sign and date them and then upload them to the booking system. After you have uploaded the contracts, Housing Foundation staff will check your contracts to make sure all is in order.

There is a time limit for uploading the contracts. The limited deadline depends on your booking:

  • If your rental period begins three or more days after you make the booking: 
    The contracts have to be uploaded within 3 days of making the booking.
    Example: You have booked a room which starts in four weeks’ time. You have 3 days to upload and sign your contracts, starting from when the contract is email was sent.
  • If your rental period starts on the day you make the booking, or has already started, or starts within three days:
    You have to upload all contracts the same day of making the booking.
    Example: If you have booked a room where the rental period has already begun, or starts today, you need to upload your contracts and make all payments today.
Important information
If you do not respect the upload deadline, you risk that your booking can be cancelled without further warning. However, do not assume that your booking is automatically cancelled if you do not upload—ignoring the issue may cause you severe fines. Instead, follow our cancellation steps laid out in the Booking Manual.

Check your contracts before signing

Please check the rental contract (lejekontrakt) thoroughly to ensure that the booking matches what you intended to book, both in regards to the accommodation itself and the rental period.

Please pay special attention to the following:

  • The dorm’s address and your room number (page 1, §1 under Lejemålet)
  • The dorm’s name (page 1, §1 under Udlejeren)
  • Your name and address (page 1, §1 under Lejeren)
  • Your rental start date (page 2, §2 under Begyndelse)
  • Your contact email address (page 5, §11)
  • Your rental end date (page 5, §11)

If any of these are incorrect, do not cross them out and upload the contract. Instead, send us an email so that we can fix it and send you a new contract.

Fill in, sign, and date the contracts

When you sign the contracts you only have to add your name, signature and the date where required.
All contracts must be dated and signed with a real signature, which must match the signature in your passport. Some types of electronic signatures can be accepted, if they match the signature in your passport—but we never accept names typed out on a computer.

Please note that dates are written as date/month/year in Denmark; for example, the date of 01-02-2017 shows the 1st of February 2017.
Any manual alterations to a contract will be noticed and the contract will be rejected by us. This is also true for contracts that are uploaded in such a bad resolution as to render them unreadable.

Complete the contracts in the following places:

  • Rental Contract (Lejekontrakt):
    You only have to sign and date the rental contract on page 6. Please write today’s date and your signature.
    Remember to upload all pages of the contract. Example of a signed rental contract.
  • Service Contract:
    Remember this contract is only sent to you if you live in the following dorms: Signalhuset, Øresunds kollegium, or Tietgen.

    Please enter your name, your date of birth (not your place of birth) where indicated. Then add today’s date and your signature where indicated. 
    Example of a signed service contract.

Uploading your contracts to the booking system in order to get them approved

When you have signed your contracts, please scan them and upload them to the booking system. You can read about how to upload them in our Booking Manual. Then they are ready to be checked by Housing Foundation staff.

Contract approval
After we have checked your contracts you will receive an email from us about the status of your contract.

  • If your contracts are in order, you will receive an email stating that your contracts have been approved.
  • If there was a problem with your contract, we will send you an email stating that the contract is not approved. In that case, we will inform you of which parts of the contracts we can’t approve, how you can correct the problem, and by when to re-upload them.

Extensions, shortenings and Room swaps

Extensions: When you make an extension you will receive a new contract with the extended end date, but with the same start date. You have to sign and upload the extended contract to the ocean flow.

Shortenings: When your contract is shortened you will receive a new contract with the new end date, but with the same start date. You have to sign and upload the extended contract on the ocean flow.

Room swap: When you make a booking at a new room, you will receive the contract for the new room and a shortened contract for your current room. That means you will receive 2 contracts shortly after each other, and they both have to be signed and uploaded on the ocean flow.

       Completing your booking 

  • Your booking is complete when you have payed your first instalment (deposit + three months of rent) and your contracts have been uploaded  and approved by the Housing Foundation. Please be aware that it can take some time for us to approve your contracts, since we receive around 2.000 contracts during the booking round and check them manually. As soon as we look at your contract you will receive an email either confirming your contract or stating what needs to be changed before it can be approved. Please also remember to pay your first installment no later than the due date, your contracts do not have to be approved before you can make the payment. 



  • You will receive a payment receipt by email when you have made your payment and you will receive an email when your contracts have been approved. When you have received these emails, your booking is completed and you can pick up your keys.