Shared apartments for students

A shared apartment is a good option if you would like to live with your peers but not live in a dormitory.

Things to consider

  • Your neighbours may not be tenants of the Housing Foundation. Please be considerate towards them.
  • The Housing Foundation does not offer same-sex shared apartments. If renting a shared apartment, it is likely that some of your flatmates will have another gender than you.
  • If you are a contract holder renting a 2-person room for yourself and another person, you and the second person must both sign a Household Application form in order to live together and be eligible for applying for CPR numbers.

Shared areas means shared responsibilities

  • You share responsibility for shared areas. It is mandatory that everyone living in a dormitory participates in cleaning and maintenance of the common areas. This is still required if you don’t use the common areas. If there is a cleaning schedule, you must respect it and participate. If you fail to do so, a professional cleaning crew may ultimately be sent at your expense.
  • The common areas in the dormitories will be inspected every second month. Tenants will be notified before every inspection. If the common area is found not to be clean enough, a professional cleaning crew will be sent to clean the area at your expense. The bill will be split between all tenants using the common area.
  • If there is a bill for damages/cleaning upon inspection of the common areas in the shared rooms (A and B) , the bill will be split between both tenants in the shared room.
  • Be considerate towards the other tenants living in your dormitory and respect that everyone must compromise so that everyone can both study and socialize in the residence.
  • You must adhere to the house rules of your dormitory.
  • You are expected to face and address issues with the other residents and solve problems in a civilized and democratic fashion. The Housing Foundation only gets involved if its tenants have already attempted a solution on their own.