Payment Methods

There are 3 different payment methods: credit/debit card, bank transfer and MobilePay. 

Credit or debit card

Credit or debit card payments are made via the booking system (please see the Booking Manual for the necessary steps). 
Usually, the best and cheapest way for you to pay is via credit card in our online system. Once you have moved in, payments can only be made within 14 days of the next payment deadline. You can read more about paying with debit/credit card here.
Paying by card is easiest – but some credit cards will incur extra charges                                                                                                                                                                       The charges for cards are automatically added to the amount you have selected to pay to the Housing Foundation whenever you are using the online payment option. The amount paid to the payment service provider will not appear in your Account Status page on your flow, as it is not paid to the Housing Foundation – it will only appear in your credit card statement. 

Saving costs: Online payment versus bank transfer

When paying via bank transfer, we charge a fee for “reception of a payment via bank transfer”.

Therefore, in most cases the cheapest way for you to make a payment is by paying online in your workflow with a credit card. However, it depends on how much you are paying – in some cases it will actually be cheaper for you to make a bank transfer (please see the following image).

In order for you to avoid paying any fees when we are returning your deposit, it is important that your initial payment covers at least the deposit. In this case we can return your deposit rather swiftly (to the credit/debit card account); otherwise we have to return it via bank transfer, which takes longer and involves a fee. Read more about deposit returns here.

Bank Transfer

If you pay via bank transfer, the Housing Foundation charges a fee. You must remember to add this fee to your payment. You can find the fee list here
To make an international bank transfer, you need to indicate our SWIFT code and IBAN number, and name the Housing Foundation as the beneficiary. You must also provide your tenant ID, otherwise we cannot trace the payment to you and confirm the receipt.

Bank account details for the Housing Foundation

Bank: Danske Bank 
Registration number: 4180 
Account number: 10364183 
IBAN: DK9530000010364183 (BIC) / SWIFT: DABADKKK
Account holder: Housing Foundation

Bank Address

Danske Bank
Erhvervscenter København
Holbergsgade 2
1057 Copenhagen K

Time frame for bank transfer

Please be aware that the transfer procedure might take several days; so make sure you take care of everything well in advance so we have the payment in time. Making an international money transfer can be costly since the involved banks often add extra fees. You are responsible for paying these.

Please send a receipt to [email protected] if it is close to your payment due date to


Payment via MobilePay is an option if you have a Danish bank account.
MobilePay is an app which can be downloaded from App Store / Google Play / Windows Phone Store – it is free of charge to download.

You can read more about the app, which was developed by Danske Bank in 2013. There is a fee attached when using the app. You can find the fee list here. 

How do I do it?

  1. Download the application “Mobile Pay” on your smartphone or tablet and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Open the app and enter the amount you wish to pay.
  3. Click “vælg modtager” (=”choose recipient”) and enter our number:  (+45) 94 93 15. 
  4. Enter your tenant ID (5 digit number) in the message field, so we know who sent us the money. Swipe right to transfer the money. A receipt will then appear on your screen. The receipt can always be found in your Mobile Pay app later, if needed.

Please check the list of fee here.

Limit on transactions when using Mobile Pay

As a standard setting, the transaction limit will be DKK 2.000 per day. This limit can be increased by going to settings in the app – you will need your NEM-ID to change the limit (please ask your bank for further information).


Saving costs: MobilePay versus bank transfer

When paying via MobilePay, we charge a fee for “transferring via Mobile Pay”
in some cases it will actually be cheaper for you to make a payment via bank transfer (please see the image below).

Other questions ? Please send us an email