Family apartments

The Housing Foundation has limited family apartments and they are kept for staff and students arriving with children. Please note: It is not possible to stay with children in any of our dorms or in a shared apartment. Housing options appropriate for staff and students with children will be marked as “Family” in our booking system.

Things to consider when living in family apartments

  • Some apartments require you to pay utilities, paying directly to the supplier, so these costs will not be part of your monthly rent. Where this applies, we make it clear in the description on our website. For details, please check your rental contract. 
  • Your neighbors may not be tenants of the Housing Foundation . Please be considerate towards them.
  • If you are a contract holder renting a 2-person apartment for yourself and another person, you and the second person must both sign a Household Application form in order to live together and be eligible for applying for CPR numbers.
  • If you book one of our family apartments, you are of course welcome to re-arrange the furniture to suit your needs, but please arrange it to the original structure when you depart. 
  • You need to bring your own crib, as we don’t provide cribs in any of our apartments.

Apartments suitable for families with children are found at the following residences: