Welcome to Housing Foundation Copenhagen

We are a non-profit organization helping international students and researchers at the University of Copenhagen find accommodation for up to one year.

We offer a variety of housing options across all parts of Copenhagen: We reserve dormitory rooms as well as private and shared apartments around the city and rent them out via our booking system.

On this webpage you can find information about our invitation process and booking system, and see if you are eligible for housing through The Housing Foundation Copenhagen


Currently we are looking for new Resident Assistants. You can find more info  here.


Summer students can rent for minimum 1 month maxium 2 months. 

The rental period is between July 1st and 31st of August. 

You can sign up for the summerbooking here

10-days quarantine  when entering Denmark
That means that some new tenants might need help for grocery shopping during their 10 days quarantine.  

You can read more here

WE HAVE AVAILABLE ROOMS - Now also for Danish Students

We still have available rooms and are therefore opening up for Danish students. 

Please send an email to contact@housingfoundation.ku.dk  with your admissions letter, then we can evaluate your case and decide if you are eligible for housing. 

Before entering the booking system, please be sure to read our Booking Manual  here. 


During and after your stay it is important to clean your room often. See our cleaning tips. These are especially relevant now to avoid spreading infection.