The Fall 2024 booking round will be held on 25th of June 

(Staff and non-eligible students will be invited on 26th of June 2024)

We have an online booking system

Where students and staff can book a room themselves. We operate through booking rounds three times a year and if we have vacancies the booking system is also open outside of the booking rounds. 




Fall 2024 booking round – will be held on 25th June 2024

To sign up please see below: 

New full degree students from KU – contact your Faculty to sign up.

New exchange students from KU – are automatically signed up by International Office (please contact them to confirm).

Staff from KU – send us your employment letter to sign up.

Students and staff from other Universities – send us your admission/employment letter to sign up.




Individual building owners decide when the heat is turned on, which is normally around mid-October, depending on the temperature outside. 

The heating is usually turned off during summer (May to end September).

Time for your departure? 

According to your rental contract, you must move out and return keys latest 7 days before your contract end date (except summer students). 

You can find more information regarding departure and move out here.

General questions ?

If you have any general questions you can find help at our Q&A system.

You can find answers to the most common questions  here.


If you have any questions to practical emergencies, such as lost keys / water damage etc. you can find help here