Welcome to Housing Foundation Copenhagen

We are a non-profit organization helping international students and researchers at the University of Copenhagen find accommodation for up to one year.

We offer a variety of housing options across all parts of Copenhagen: We reserve dormitory rooms as well as private and shared apartments around the city and rent them out via our booking system.

On the following pages, you can find out more about how this process works and whether you are eligible for accessing our booking system.

WE STILL HAVE AVAILABLE ROOMS FOR THE FALL 2020 - Now also for Danish Students

We still have available rooms left therefore we are also opening up for danish students. 

Please send an email to contact@housingfoundation.ku.dk  with your admissions letter, then we can evalute your case and decide if you are eligible for housing. 

Before entering the booking system, please be sure to read our Booking Manual  here. 


Housing Foundation Copenhagen has been brought to a situation, where we have decided to announce to the owner – PS Nordicom – that we terminate all the foundation’s leases in Tåsingegade 29, 2100 Copenhagen Ø for move out latest at March 31th, 2021. However we expect to move out from all the rooms by January 31th, 2021. Please read more information here.


We have special cancellations rules for the Fall booking round 2020 regarding what happens when tenants have to cancel due to a Covid-19 outbreak. 

These depend on your ‘move-in’ date. Note that your ‘move-in’ date is the first day of your contractual rental period, not the first day of living in a property. Read the full rules here.


Before booking a room, please check our information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic here. The page is regularly updated with information from the Danish authorities.


During and after your stay it is important to clean your room often. See our cleaning tips. These are especially relevant now to avoid spreading infection.