You will be called in for an professional inspection
In the first few days of your tenancy, our professional inspectors will come to your accommodation and inspect it together with you. If you cannot attend the inspection they will do it in your absence. You are not required to be present at the inspection, and you will receive a copy of the report via email afterwards – regardless of whether or not you attended the inspection.

The inspectors will call you in for inspection by sending you a move in inspection letter by email. In the mail they will specify the date of the inspection and the time frame for the inspection. If you can’t attend the insepctors will let them selves in and inspect your room. 

If the inspector finds any damages or missing items during the inspection, they will come back to fix the issue.

Separate from the moving-in inspection, you have the option of making a ‘moving-in issue report’ where you can comment and document the state of your room upon moving in. Read more here.

Inspection report
You will receive the report shortly after the inspection via email. If you find that it contains any mistakes or missing points, you should notify us in your own personal move in  issue report  within 14 days of your move in date (this means latest 14 days after your keys have been handed out). You can read more about how to make your own  move in issue report here
If you have any difficulties uploading the issue report  please contact us at [email protected], at the latest 14 days after you have collected your keys.
You will be held liable upon your move out for deficiencies and damages that do not appear in the move in report, that haven’t been recognized by the Housing Foundation, or that haven’t been rectified.
If you cannot participate in the inspection
It is not possible to change the date or time of the inspection. You will not be called in for a new inspection, if you are unable to participate at your allotted time or if you do not show up for the inspection. You will still receive the inspection report by email shortly after the inspection, regardless of your participation.

The inspection
If you have already moved in, at the time of inspection, it is very important that both you (and any possible roommates) follow this advice, so that your move in inspection is as accurate as possible:
 Please keep all areas (room, kitchen, bathroom, entrance) nice and tidy at the time of inspection.
• Please remove your bedsheets so that the inspector can check the quality of the top mattress.
• Leave the kitchen sink and table clean and tidy.
• Leave the toilet bowl, bathroom sink and bathroom floor clean.

Please also be aware that the inspector will take pictures of the room/apartment for documentation.

Other questions ? Please send us an email