How can I shorten the contract?

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Students cannot cancel their rental contracts once the rental period has started. However, they can attempt a Shortening Offer to find a new tenant for the room. You can read more about shortening offers in the Booking Manual under “Making a shortening offer.”

NB. It is not possible to make a shortening offer if you are a student at RMC, MIT or ITU.  If you have booked a room in Øresundskollegiet or Bikuben it is also not possible to make shortening offers. 

Staff can shorten the period of their rental contract  if they give a minimum notice period of three whole calendar months plus the running calendar month. If you want to cancel your booking, several rules apply depending on when your contractual rental period starts. Some cancellation situations may involve fees. You can read about the different cancellation rules and options in our Booking Manual. 

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