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How can I change my room?

Different rules apply, depending on whether the contractual rental period for your room has started or not.

Note that you cannot change rooms if living in Bikuben, Øresundskollegiet, or Tietgenkollegiet, as these dorms wish to have long-term tenants only. If you are an ITU or RMC student you can not change room either. 

You can make room changes until 14 days before your contract start date. 

  • When on the Room Availability page, select your new desired room.
  • Press ‘Save’ and ‘Next’ to proceed to Room Acceptance.
  • Room Acceptance will ask you to confirm the room change.
  • Tick the box “I want to keep the last room booking only” to ensure that you only keep your latest booking, and not both.
  • You will also need to tick the box under “Booking Notification” (even though you are not making a combined booking, as it says here).
  • Then tick the box under “Acknowledgement for reading the Booking Manual”. Otherwise the system will not allow you to complete the new booking. Once you accept the room, the change is instantly in effect and the old room becomes available to others. You cannot hold onto two rooms at the same time or create booking overlaps.

Once your rental period with us has already begun, you can only change rooms once. It is not possible to change rooms within your first rental month.

After the first rental month you can only book another residence if there
are more than 14 days until the contract for the new room begins. 

When changing rooms, the system will create a combined booking where you keep your current room until you move to the next one. You are still financially responsible for the first booking, as well as being responsible for the second booking (regardless of whether you have signed a contract or not).

The system will automatically change your payment plan and transfer any already made payments from the old to the new room booking.

Read more about the rules, fees and steps for how to change your room in the Booking Manual under ‘Changing Rooms: If your rental period has already begun’.

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