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Where can I see my payment plan?

You can always see your payment plan on your Housing account. Here you can keep track of your payments and check when your next installment is due. 
Below you can find descriptions of each section of the account status/payment page.

“Next payment” (on your Dashboard) shows the amount of your next payment. Remember the rent is paid quarterly (every three months) and not monthly.

Click on “Pay online” to go to the payment section.

Under the “Payment” section you get an overview of when your next payment is due, the amount of your next payment and the option to make a payment online.

Note: if there is no minus in front of the amount, it means you have paid ahead and you do not owe anything right now. 

You can find your entire payment plan by clicking on the link “Payment plan” on your Dashboard. A new window will open, where you can see an overview of all your payments, and due dates.

This is an example of a Housing account.

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