Where can I see my payment plan?

You can always see your payment plan in the booking system. Here you can keep track on your payments and when you have to pay your next installment. 
Below you can find descriptions of each sections of the “Account status” page in your flow. 

The ‘Total Balance’ box show the total amount you will have to pay during your stay. Every time you make a payment the number will decrease. 

The ‘Balance due soon’ box shows the amount you owe us for the next payment. Remember the payment is payed quarterly (every third month) and not monthly. 

Note: if there is no minus in front of the amount, it means you have paid ahead and you do not owe anything right now. You can only make a payment when there is a minus in front of the amount in the ‘Balance due soon’ box. The Balance due soon’ box is updated approximately 14 days before your next payment is due.

You can find your entire payment plan in the section called “Account data” below the Due Soon box. If you press the button “show payment plan” a new window will open and you can see an overview of all your payments and due dates. 

This is an example of a flow, press on the image to enlarge it.

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