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Deposit return

If everything in your residence is left in an acceptable condition when you move out, your full deposit will be returned to you. Please note that it can take up to 8 weeks from when your contract ends until you get your deposit back.

The deposit return is subject to deductions following the results of the inspection, unreturned or lost keys, or any damages caused during your stay.

Returning deposit to a credit card

The option to have your deposit returned to your latest used credit card will be active if:

  • The card is still valid and will continue to be valid 6 months after you move out
  • The initial amount you paid was equal to, or more, than the deposit.
  • NB! We cannot change the credit card information. We can only return the deposit to the exact card you used to pay it with, if you meet the requirements above.
Returning your deposit to a bank account:

If you do not wish to have the deposit returned to your credit, you can choose to have your deposit returned to a bank account instead. 

Tick of the box Bank Transfer, fill in your specific bank account information and remember to click “Save”. There is a fee for returning your deposit via bank transfer.

Bank account details for the Housing Foundation

Bank: Danske Bank 
Registration number: 4180 
Account number: 10364183 
IBAN: DK9530000010364183 (BIC) / SWIFT: DABADKKK
Account holder: Housing Foundation

Bank Address

Danske Bank
Erhvervscenter København
Holbergsgade 2
1057 Copenhagen K

Time frame for bank transfer

Please be aware that the transfer procedure might take several days; so make sure you take care of everything well in advance so we have the payment in time. Making an international money transfer can be costly since the involved banks often add extra fees. You are responsible for paying these.

Please send a receipt to [email protected] if it is close to your payment due date to

Other questions ? Please send us an email