Move out Inspection

Once your rental period has come to an end or once you hand in your keys, you will be called in to a move-out inspection at your residence. During this inspection, an inspector will check that there are no damages and that the premises have been cleaned properly.

The inspection letter will be sent to your email and will include the date and the time for the inspection.

Please be aware that while you cannot change the date or time of the move-out inspection, participation is in fact optional. Therefore, you will not need to contact us if you are unable to be present at the move-out inspection. The move-out inspection will also be sent to your email after it is done and will include pictures.

If the inspector find no damages and you have managed to clean regularly (including a thorough departure cleaning), you are more than likely to get your full deposit back. It will be returned to you 4-8 weeks after your contract has ended. You can read more about the deposit return here.

On the other hand, if the inspector find any damages or the residence is found insufficiently clean, deductions will be made from your deposit.

Inspection report
The inspector will go through the official report with you, referencing, the moving-in report, and towards the end of the inspection, you will sign the new report and thus approve it. The signed report will then be emailed to you, together with any other relevant documents.

If you cannot participate or do not attend the inspection
It is not possible to change the date or time of the inspection. If you are unable to participate or do not wish to attend the inspection, there will be no second move out inspection. Rest assured, regardless of your participation, you will receive the inspection report and any relevant documentation shortly after the inspection, via email.

Protector box sheet
Please note that the protector box sheet (not the topmattres) that you have received during your moving in, must be removed and discarded from the room before the move out inspection, if not this will result in a fee for removal of extra items.
Removal of extra items
Please remember to remove everything that you have brought with into your room (clothes, own furniture, pillows/blankets, kitchen items, shampoo etc.), and to close and lock your door, before you finally leave the room. If you fail to comply with this, it can result in an extra fee

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