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Departure Cleaning

You must thoroughly clean your room/accommodation before departing, and there should be no indication of build up. 

Please refer to our cleaning checklist for tips on how to do a proper departure cleaning, and follow the tips below:

  • Any purchased items (such as bedding, small furniture, food items) must be removed from the apartment and common areas when you move out. If you fail to do so fees might be applied.
  • If you have any useful things that you cannot take with you, please donate them so they can be re-used and enjoyed by others. 
  • Remember to de-register your address, otherwise the new tenant will not be able to register themselves.
  • There are special cleaning guidelines for common areas, please read more about those here.
  • You are very welcome to take photos (close up and normal) of your cleaning efforts and keep them on hand.
  • Remember to wash the dishes, close all windows and lock your door.

Find more information about departure cleaning here.

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