Info about my accommodation

List of Residencies

When you visit our website, you will find a list of all our residencies under Housing Options. The tab is split into two columns, students and staff. It is important to look under the column that applies to you. In the respective columns, the listings are separated into the various residence types. Each residence have an informational page where the most important questions have been answered.

When you first enter the specific residence page, you will see the rental price range, the deposit, the address and type and size of the accommodation.

Three Boxes
Next, you will see three informational boxes. The first one describes different room types at the residence. The second lists the transportation distances to the different campuses and the last lists the different types of public transport close to the building.


About the Dorm
Here, you will find a short description of the dorm and a history of the building. Often, you will also find a comment on the social environment at the dormitory.

About the Area
In this space, we have written a short description of the area in which the residence is located. It will explain how busy or quiet the neighborhood is and list surrounding outdoor areas, e.g. parks.

Things to Do
In this last descriptive text, you will find a short overview of the social scene of the given neighborhood. It will often include comments on the restaurant/café culture and something on the cultural offers (e.g. museums) in the area.

Important information



Each dorm have a few expectations of their future tenants. This space often emphasize the importance of keeping any common area or shared space clean and tidy.

Furniture & Inventory
Each accommodation comes with an inventory list. It is important to check it upon move-in to make sure that all the furniture is accounted for. Here, we also state which inventory new tenants have to acquire on their own.

Here we state which utilities are included in the rent and what additional utilities you will be expected to pay.

Depending on the dorm room, there will be some instructions on how to set up your internet. While some dorms give access to shared Wi-fi, other dorms require that you bring a router and/or a cable.

The access to laundry facilities differ from dorm to dorm. Here you will find the location of the laundry room in your dorm. Often, the payment system will also be explained.

Key Pick-up
Here, you will find instructions on where to pick up your keys. Most keys are picked up at our office but some should be picked up at the specific dorm. You can find more information about the key pick-up here.

House Rules & Residence Handbook
Each dorm has a list of house rules that should be read upon your move-in. Most dorms also write a Residence Handbook with great instructions that will make your move-in and stay easier.

Residence Assistant & Inspector
Many of the dorms have an RA (residence assistant) that will be able to help you with most of the general questions.
If any larger problems should occur in the dorm room or with your furniture, you should contact the inspector at your dorm. Both an email and a phone number can be found in this section.

Lock Out/Lost Keys
If you accidentally get locked out, you should contact the RA or the Inspector to help you. After certain hours or if it happens twice, you should expect a fee.
If you lose your key, you should contact the Housing Foundation.

Other questions ? Please send us an email