You are responsible for the maintenance of your room during the duration of your renting period. If any maintenance problems should occur (this also includes the common area), it is important that you contact the housing foundation. 

What to do if you have a maintenance issue 
Please send us a detailed description of the issue together with pictures or videos of the issue. Then we will contact our inspectors to get the things fixed.  

General Maintenance

  • Clean the shower drain often (remove hair from the drain) You can find a guide for how to do it in the residence handbook for your accommodation.
  • Clean your room every week
  • Make sure you ventilate your room 3 times daily for around 10 minutes to avoid mold
  •  Throw out garbage and recycle it correctly to avoid pests
  • Take good care of the materials in the room and if you are in doubt of how to clean areas don’t hesitate to contact us or the inspector to get guidance. 

Be aware:

  • If any pest occurs, please contact the Housing Foundation immediately. Professional help will be provided. An unclean residence can be a health hazard. Pests come about because of a lack of hygiene. If the pest can be traced back to a lack of hygiene where the tenant is at fault, a charge will be issued.
  • If the issue persists after a scheduled repair, please inform us immediately. It is important that you do not “leave it alone”. If we are not notified, we will assume that the problem was solved during the scheduled repair. 
  • We have accumulated a list of typical damages and how to avoid them. You can find the list here.

Other questions ? Please send us an email