You are not allowed to have anyone reside in the room that you are renting. However, you are welcome to have a guest visit on short stays (around 1 week).
If you are living in a shared apartment, it is important to have an agreement in place with your roommates before your guest arrives. Guests cannot stay in the common room or in another tenant’s room. They will have to stay with the host in their room.

NB! You are not allowed to sublet your room or advertise the room on social media or any other portals.


No noise/partying
You are required to keep noise to a minimum level. We remind you that according to the Danish law loud music etc. is not allowed after 10:00 pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. It is important to remember that you live in a regular residential area and not on a secluded campus. If you have any guests please be considerate to the other people in your residence.


Violation of House Rules
If you violate the house rules at your accommodation you will receive a first written warning.
If you violate the house rules again, you will receive a second written warning. With a second warning both you, the University of Copenhagen, and your home university will be informed about the incident(s) that resulted in the warning.
After three written warnings the Housing Foundation will consider terminating your rental contract and evict you from the residence.

Other questions ? Please send us an email