I've got the wrong contract

Please check the rental contract (lejekontrakt) thouroughly to ensure that the booking matches what you intended to book, in regards to the accommodation and the rental period. 

Please pay special attention to the following:

  • The dorm’s address and your room number (page 1, §1 under Lejemålet)
  • The dorm’s name (page 1, §1 under Udlejeren) 
  • Your name and address (page 1, §1 under Lejeren)
  • Your rental start date (page 2, §2 under Begyndelse)
  • Your contract email address (page 5, §11)
  • Your rental end date (page 5, §11)

If any of these are incorrect, do not cross them out and upload the contract. Instead, you must send us an email immediately so we can fix the contract and send you a new one. Please attache the wrong contract to the email. 

[email protected]