How can I see available accomodations
You can see the available accommodations in the booking system under 'Application' - 'Room selection' - 'Room availability'.

You must fill out the ‘Applicant information’ and ‘Address information’ before you can access the room availability page. 

All of the accommodations shown to you on the page are available for booking, however they are not reserved. You can only reserve one room at a time, for 30 minutes, by clicking on a room and pressing ‘save’.

If you can’t see many rooms 

During our booking rounds, we have more available rooms than the system show. If none of the rooms on the page are suitable for you, you can refresh the page or log in later, to see new options. 

Please pay attention to the Contract start date for your selected room, as this is will determine the startdate of your tenancy

These dates are non-modifiable, so you cannot request that we change these for
you. You can always see more details for each room by clicking on the middle of the row where the roomname is, which will make a new page pop-up. You can navigate by the bar (horizontal and vertical grey  arrow bar) to see price and room type.

Other questions ? Please send us an email