It is not possible to rent shared room (A+B) for the fall semester 2021

Due to Covid-19 we have decided that is it not possible to book shared rooms (A +B) during the fall semeseter 2021.  It is still possible to book rooms for 2-persons so you can arrive with a friend or partner. Remember you still have to register both of you for Cpr even though there is only one contract holder. You can read more about CPR-registration here

General Covid-19 information

When booking a shared room we expect you to take all the necessary precautions to avoid COVID-19. We also expect you to have a good level of hygiene and cleaning in your room for your own sake and your roommate. If you have any symptoms related to COVID-19 then you should take a COVID-19 test immediately.

Please note, in case you or your roommate are COVID-19 positive then both of you are to isolate yourselves in your room according to the recommendations by the authorities. The Housing Foundation will not provide any compensation or rehousing in this matter.

 You can find information about how to get tested in the links below:

Corona tests for the public

Corona test without Cpr registration 

Covid-19 updates News Letters

In the section below you can find all previous  news letters we have sent to our tenants about Covid-19.

Letters sent in 2021

Letters sent in 2020

When arriving to Denmark

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we highly recommend that you follow the advice below when booking your room and after arriving in Denmark. The following advice is based on the information provided by the Joint Danish Authorities Hotline for Covid-19.

  • If you are coming from abroad, you are strongly advised to check and follow the rules here from the Danish Authorities.
  • Accordingly, we suggest considering booking a room with an earlier start date to ensure your work/study can be carried out as planned.
  • Please avoid close contact with others: e.g. no shopping during rush hours, keeping a distance with neighbors, talking side by side instead of facing each other, etc.
  • If you booked a dormitory room with shared kitchen and/or bathroom, please clean all frequently touched areas (tap, toilet, toilet seat, etc.) after each use. We kindly ask you to pay extra attention for the first 14 days upon your arrival.
  • Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer

10-days quarantine when entering Denmark

Due to Covid-19 entering Denmark now includes 10-days of quarantine.
That means that some new tenants might need help for grocery shopping during their 10 days quarantine. 
The  grocery delivery companies can’t deliver food unless you have a NEM ID, which makes it hard for new tenants to get food.

The problem is, that they cannot get a NEM ID before they have entered Denmark and has got a cpr-registration.

We therefore highly encourage you  you help out your fellow tenants if they need help, which we know our tenants has done in other situation where a fellow tenant har to go in quarantine because of covid-19.

We always recommend to keep yourself updated on the covid-19 situation at The Danish health authority homepage:

If you have questions about Covid-19 you can always call the covid-19 hotline:

If you are tested positive you can apply for a covid-19  isolation stay

You can read more about who are eligible an how to apply here:

Thank you for your cooperation.