Cancelling your booking

Students cannot cancel their rental contracts once the rental period has started. However, they can attempt a Shortening Offer to find a new tenant for the room. Staff can cancel if they give a minimum notice period of three whole months plus running calendar month. If you want to cancel your booking, several rules apply depending on when your contractual rental period starts. Some cancellation situations may involve fees. You can read about the different cancellation rules and options in our Booking Manual

You should never make a booking and then abandon it without cancelling, even if you have not uploaded a contract, since this can cause severe penalty fees. In cases where students are in breach of their housing contract, the University of Copenhagen will always be contacted. In cases where guests or employees do not fulfill their contractual obligations, the Housing Foundation reserves the right to contact their employer or host institution or company.

NB! All the extraordinary extensions can not be cancelled, even if you have not signed and uploaded the contract. You are only allowed to make the shortening offer on your workflow. Shortening offers are never possible for rooms at Øresundskollegiet, Tietgen and Bikuben.


Changing your booking

If you want to change rooms or the rental duration, several rules apply and the process may involve fees.

Changing rooms always involves a 7-day gap during which you cannot stay in one of our rooms or apartments. You must find some short-term accommodation elsewhere during this time. Note that while students cannot shorten their contract, they can attempt a shortening offer in order to find a new tenant for the room.

You can see the rules and details about changing your booking in our Booking Manual.

No last-minute room changes
The system prohibits last-minute room changes so that we have enough time to manage the changing process. If you already have an ongoing booking, and you wish to book a new room/apartment, there must always be at least 14 days between time of booking and the start date for the new room. The system will always prohibit last-minute bookings that occur within 14 days of the new start date. This gives you enough time to get your contracts and payments in order, and it provides our office with enough time to conduct room inspections and update external parties.